Why should I offer media buying to my clients?

Recent surveys show that one of the top reasons Marketing Directors change agencies is to enjoy “integrated” services. Offering professional media services can help you with client retention and give you control over a larger portion of the client’s total budget.

Why should I outsource media buying?

There are two main reasons to outsource media buying: 1) Even simple media plans can be more impactful when managed by pros with access to market research, full ratings data and systems for auditing; 2) The expense of hiring one or more media experts, equipping them with systems and subscribing to ratings data can be cost prohibitive when media isn’t core to your business.

We manage digital media in house, can we use you just for TV and Radio?

White Label Media services are completely a la carte. Many of today’s digital firms are entirely comfortable managing AdWords and other online campaigns in-house, but need assistance when it comes to expanding into more traditional channels. We’re happy to help.

We are responding to an RFP, can we include your services as part of our response?

We are happy to integrate our media services into your overall RFP response.

How do we get started?

Simply submit the contact form and one of our team members will contact you to answer your questions and begin the onboarding process.

Do you need to meet with the client?

We’ll arm you with the right questions to ask and the right information to deliver, so typically our team does not require client contact. That said, if you would like our presence on conference calls that involve media, we can arrange it as needed.

Is there a minimum budget you’ll work with?

The complexity and variation in media planning makes setting minimums difficult. As with many things, deploying a small budget appropriately can represent just as much of a work effort as deploying a large budget. It depends on channels, geography and message variations. The best answer is simply to call, tell us about your situation and, together, we can decide on the fit.

What geography can you buy in?

Our team places media in U.S. markets from coast to coast. We can effectively deploy your messaging locally, regionally, or nationally as strategy and budget allow.

Will you steal my client?

Never. You own the client relationship. Our start-up paperwork includes a full non-compete and non-disclosure document, so you can be confident our number one priority is making you look good and helping you keep your relationship with the client strong and healthy.